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Multifunctional Storage Dish Rack

Original price Dhs. 119.00 - Original price Dhs. 119.00
Original price
Dhs. 119.00
Dhs. 119.00 - Dhs. 119.00
Current price Dhs. 119.00
Product details :
  • The upper and lower floors are rich in space.
  • An appliance that can easily accommodate three meals a day.
  • Detachable drip tray at the bottom.
  • The bottom drip tray can be pulled out.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic.
  • Reasonable spacing, open and easy to take.
  • Suitable for placing dishes of different sizes.
  • Removable kitchen utensil rack.
  • Easy solution to kitchen clutter.
  • Recessed to put dishes quickly.
  • Draining water is safer and more hygienic.
  • There are card seat dish racks.
  • Breathable and breathable, moisture-proof and moisture-proof.
  • Almost no moisture remains.
  • The dishes and chopsticks are arranged in an orderly manner.