Baby Electric Comfort Cradle

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Product information
Product Name: intelligent voice control rocking chair
Applicable age: 6 months to 4 years old
Fabric: Polyester + filled cotton
Bearing capacity: 50kg
Material: fine steel, piano paint, PC, ABS
Purpose: to coax children to sleep and liberate mother's hands
Color: grey

Intelligent voice control design, baby cry more than 20 decibels, immediately start comfort mode
Egg shaped back, protect the spine, 20cm deep encircle type full fit, 170 ° lying more comfortable
Soft and breathable fabric for more comfortable sleep. 360 ° three dimensional moisture absorption, soft and comfortable breathable fabric, detachable cleaning
Link the Bluetooth of mobile phone to play music and comfort the baby
The fuselage has its own intelligent control panel, which can also be remotely controlled
Environmental PP material + universal wheel + buckle design