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Baby Carrier With Hip Seat (Gray)
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Baby Carrier With Hip Seat (Gray)
Baby Carrier With Hip Seat (Gray)

Baby Carrier With Hip Seat (Gray)

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Product Details :
Color                     :               Gray
Material                 :             Polyester, Plastic, Cotton
Care instructions   :             Hand Wash Only

Enjoy the hands of freedom again: regain freedom. Do housework, drink coffee, shop and take care of other children while keeping babies close. When you improve work efficiency and reduce stress, your baby stays happy. Perfect for picky babies!

Strengthen the bond with the baby: Establishing a close bond with the baby is essential for the growth of the baby. Our plastic wrap makes your baby feel warm and safe, and stay close to your warm body and heartbeat.

Unbelievable quality: Made of high-quality materials to ensure years of use and repeated washing. The sturdy fabric can hold your baby safely and securely. This is a gift you will pass on to your family and friends!

Practical design: The clip-free design is easy to wear and comfortable to wear. Made of 95% cotton / 5% spandex, so you can easily handle the baby for comfort and breastfeeding. In addition, no excess fabric will drag on the floor!