Bedside Slide

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Material: environment friendly HDPE
Size: 145 * 40 * 85CM
Color: pink + blue
Slide length: 160cm
Width of slide: 40cm
Slide width: 31cm
Recommended height: 40-55cm
Suitable for 3-6 year olds
  • It is suitable for a variety of environments. According to the height of different furniture, the armrest can be adjusted up and down by 15cm, and there are eight adjustable slot points on the inside
  • There are 270 mm heightening baffles on both sides of the slide, and 130 mm high side plates to prevent the baby from falling from height and deviating from the track
  • Add anti-skid pad at the bottom of the slide, which is suitable for wooden floor, brick and carpet, etc. to increase the contact area with the ground and make it more stable